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Payment Information and Options

Student Charge and Extended Student Charge

What is Student Charge? The UVA Bookstores and Cavalier Computers give each incoming student a Student Charge Account, a zero percent interest charge account. The Student Charge account can be used to purchase items from the UVA Bookstores or Cavalier Computers. Each student is given a credit limit of $1300 for their Student Charge account. When Student Charge is used to make purchases with the UVA Bookstores or Cavalier Computers, the purchase is billed to their account; the student has 30 days to pay off the purchase in full. Student Charge purchases can made in-store or online.

Cavalier Computers also offers Extended Student Charge, which can only be used at Cavalier Computers to purchase a CAV Program computer and is only available as a payment option here at www.cavprogram.com. Extended Student Charge has a maximum purchase charge limit of $3,500 and can only be used from May 1st through the fall add/drop date in September of each academic year. The Extended Student Charge account is a one-time use account; once it is used, it can no longer be used again. The Extended Student Charge account is given to each student once they have committed to attending the University of Virginia. Once a student has used their Extended Student Charge account to purchase a CAV Program computer, the purchase will appear on your UVA SIS account as a separate line item, usually two weeks after the purchase has been delivered to the student. The total amount due for payment is split into two, with the first payment due October 31st, followed by the remaining balance due December 31st. To make an Extended Student Charge purchase, select the Student Charge payment option at check out; we'll take care of the rest. If your purchase exceeds the $3,500 limit, you must choose a second payment option during checkout.

Getting Started

Step one:

Activate your Computing ID and E-Services password by completing the Responsible Computing Quiz

Step Two:

To obtain your University assigned nine-digit number:

  1. Go to NetBadge Web Login HERE
  2. Enter your U.Va. Computing ID and Password.
  3. This takes you to the form 'View Your U.Va. University ID Number'.
  4. Enter required information.
  5. Be sure to enter the U.Va. Student System ID Number, the seven-digit number emailed to you acknowledging receipt of your application.
  6. Be sure to enter your alternate email vs. your UVA email.
  7. Submit request.

Virginia529 Programs (Invest529 & CollegeWealth)

  1. Customer (i.e. student) places the computer order.
  2. Virginia529 account owners may use funds in their Invest529 or CollegeWealth accounts to cover the purchase of the computer. To withdraw funds, account owners may submit a Withdrawal Request at Virginia529.com using the My Account login option. Withdrawals can be made payable to the account owner or beneficiary (student) on the account.
  3. Upon receipt of the funds from Virginia529, the account owner or student may send funds to Cavalier Computers at PO 400819, Charlottesville VA 22903. Please reference the order number.
  4. After receiving the funds Cavalier Computers will be able to release the order once it becomes available.
  5. Virginia529 Plan informational site: Virginia529.com

UVA Bookstores/Cavalier Computers Gift Card

We will only accept the UVA Bookstores or Cavalier Computers Gift Cards.

Credit Cards

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, DiscoverCard, and American Express Card
  • Debit cards may have daily withdrawl limits, which may delay your order as we may have to contact you via phone. Please check with your bank for further details about using a debit card to purchase a CAV Program computer or accessories